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New Jersey State USGS 7.5 minute DEM Quad data names are organised alphabetically. If you know the Quad names click on the respective alphabetical list and then select a name.

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These USGS 7.5 minute Digital Elevation Models (30 meters) data which are in SDTS format were downloaded from the USGS Web site and converted into the USGS DEM file format using Sol Kartz's SDTS to DEM translation utility. Later data were compressed by PKZIP for distribution. The ArcView with Spatial Analyst Extension can import these data very easily. If you want to use these data in ArcView, first you must uncompress the data using WINZIP or any other uncompressing software, then you can open ArcView and its Spatial Analyst Extension. In the ArcView project window, open VIEW, then click on FILE and select IMPORT GRIDS. On IMPORT FILE TYPES, select USGS DEM (your uncompressed files are USGS DEM file format). After selecting DEM files, you have the option of giving OUTPUT GRID file name and selecting a directory path. If you do not change the name or select the directory path, you will get a default name and the output grid will be stored in the TEMP file. You can view the GRID file by selecting ADD THEME from VIEW menu. Data Source Types-- select Grid Data Source.

If you have any problems accessing these data please contact me. Enjoy the free DEM data.

Sample of DEM data--Pennington Quad, New Jersey

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