Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics

Material for a Second Edition

New! Updated March 6, 2016,
Minor corrections March 29, 2016

The main addition in this release is a discussion of El Nino!
There is also a fairly new chapter water vapour and tropical dynamics. I have not yet made corrections to this chapter following the extensive comments I received from some of you (BM please note).

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Please pass this link on to anyone who may be interested, especially students and postdocs. Comments are solicited.
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The PDF file contains the new chapters and some modified chapters that will appear in the 2nd edition of Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics. It does not contain the complete book so many cross-references are missing.

Chapters on Waves:

A chapter on Wave Fundamentals: dispersion relation, group velocity etc., plus an introduction to Rossby waves.
A chapter on 'Gravity Waves'.
A revised chapter on stationary waves in the atmosphere with new material on Rossby wave propagation in inhomogeneous media (using WKB theory; there are still some corrections to be made here).

A chapter on equatorial dynamics:

A 'GFD' chapter entitled 'Linear dynamics at low latitudes'. It mainly deals with equatorial waves and the Matsuno-Gill problem. See also the equatorial oceanography chapter below.

A Chapter on Stratospheric Dynamics

This new chapter contains material on the large-scale stratospheric circulation, gravity waves and Rossby waves in the stratosphere, the QBO, and extra-tropical wave-mean-flow interaction and sudden warmings.

A Chapter on Water Vapour and Tropical Dynamics

Half the chapter concerns water vapour itself and half is on the tropical dynamics of the atmosphere. There is material on the determination of relative humidity, tropical scaling, convection, quasi-equilibrium, radiative-convective equilibrium etc. I have tried to treat these topics in a similar style to the other topics in the book, so it is not a conventional 'tropical meteorology' chapter.

A Chapter on the Equatorial Ocean and El Nino

This is the newest material. The first part of the chapter concerns the circulation of the equatorial ocean, and the second part is on ENSO dynamics.

Corrections and various codes will be posted (without announcement) in the weeks ahead.

!! Comments are solicited !!

Comments are solicited on any and all of the above, major or minor. This includes typos in equations, what is missing, on undue repetition, and what would make the chapters better, and thinkos, which are typos in the brain.

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