Lectures and Seminars

This page contains a few lectures and seminars that I have given, in PDF format. Please note that these are not archival documents, they do not contain the proper references to other work, and may contain unsupported statements. Nor do they necessarily correspond to any talk that was actually given. They are provided for interest and because they may be useful to someone.

General Interest and Climate

A public lecture given in Seattle in 2013 on timescales and uncertainties in climate change.
PDF file (About 3 MB)

A talk on 'Probabilistic estimates of climate sensitivity'
PDF file (About 2MB)
A paper relevant to this talk may be downloaded here:

A semi-public lecture first given at MIT as a 'Victor Starr memorial lecture', on the role of theory in today's age of models.
PDF file (About 2.5 MB)

Walsh Cottage Lectures

In 2014 I gave the lectures at the GFD Summer School in Woods Hole, on aspects of the large-scale structure of the atmosphere and ocean. You can download a draft of the notes here:
PDF file (3 MB)


A seminar on a theory of the meridional overturning circulation of the ocean:
PDF file (About 4MB)
The papers most relevant to this talk may be downloaded here:
NV1.pdf and NV2.pdf

General Circulation

A seminar on the height of the tropopause, discussing the analogy with the oceanic thermocline
PDF file (About 4.5 MB)
This talk draws on various papers, but one that is particularly relevant to this talk may be downloaded here:

I may post more talks in the future.