Graduate Students

Graduate students make for a happy combination of teaching (them teaching me usually....) and research. The (completed) Ph.D. students and their thesis topics are:

  • Mat Maltrud: Two-dimensional turbulence on a beta-plane.
  • Jian Wang: Large-scale viscous and inviscid ocean circulation modelling.
  • Ken Oetzel: Strain and coherent structures in two-dimensional flows.
  • Piero Olla: Renormalisation group theory of turbulence.
  • Jim Aroyan: Echo-location in dolphins.
  • Shafer Smith: Scales and equilibration of mesoscale eddies in the ocean.
  • Ed Gerber: Models of the North Atlantic Oscillation
  • Cara Henning: Effect of Mesoscale Eddies on the General Circulation of the Ocean
  • Jolene Loving: Millennial Scale Climate Oscillations and Glacial Climate Instability.
  • Neven Stejpan-Fuckar: (Current) Remote Influences on the Dynamics of the ACC.

    Postdocs, Past and Present

  • Michael Mundt, Alejandro Pares-Sierra, Robert Raskin, Thierry Huck,
  • Ben Cash, Rob Scott, Rong Zhang, Baylor Fox-Kemper, Rongrong Zhao, Riccardo Farneti.

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