Grigore Pop-Eleches

501: The Politics of Public Policy
co-teaching with Anne-Marie Slaughter, Chuck Cameron and Deniz Aksoy

This course analyzes the political forces that influence the policy making process, with an emphasis on the political implications of policy decisions. Examples are drawn from international and U.S. cases. Special attention is given to writing skills as they apply to the roles of advisers and decision makers in public sector organizations.

Politics 375: Politics after Communism

This course focuses on the political and economic reform processes in the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union since the collapse of communism. The course is not intended to provide a full survey of events in this particularly tumultuous time in post-communist history. Rather, we will focus on some of the more important aspects of the simultaneous political, economic and social transformations, emphasizing some key themes that emerge in the social science academic literature on the subject.

Politics 431: Latin American Political Economy

This seminar covers selected topics in the political economy of Latin America. The main emphasis is on the international and domestic roots of the neoliberal economic reforms since the 1980s. We will pay special attention to the debate about the extent to which these reforms were compatible with democratic politics. We will also analyze the role of economic crisis as a driver of reforms and the implications of the region's high income inequality for the prospects of democracy and economic liberalism in Latin America.