Statistical Machine Learning Lab

Princeton University

Principal Investigator

      Han Liu, Assistant Professor

      Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering

      Sherred Hall 224

      Princeton University

      Princeton, New Jersy 08544


      Phone: (609) 258-1788


Biosketch: Han Liu received a Joint PhD in Machine Learning and Statistics in 2011 at Carnegie Mellon University. His thesis advisors are John Lafferty and Larry Wasserman. As a computer scientist and statistician, he exploits computation and data as a lens to explore science and machine intelligence. He is serving as an Associate Editor of the Electronic Journal of Statistics and as area chairs for NIPS, AISTATS, and ICML

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  • 2015- Tweedie New Researcher Award.
  • 2015- Noether Young Scholar Award.
  • 2015- NSF CAREER Award in Statistics Science.
  • 2015- Howard B. Wentz Junior Faculty Award.
  • 2013- Notable Paper Award in the 16th AISTATS.
  • 2013- Simons-Berkeley Research Fellowship.
  • 2012- Teaching Excellence Award from Johns Hopkins Univ.
  • 2012- ASA David P. Byar Young Investigator Travel Award
  • 2011- ADHD-200 Global Competition Championship
  • 2011- Umesh Gavasakar Memorial Best Dissertation Award
  • 2010- J. Tinsley Oden Faculty Fellowship from UT-Asutin
  • 2010- ASA Best Student Paper Award in Stats Computing
  • 2009- ICML Best Overall Paper Award Honorable Mention
  • 2009- Winner of the ICML Best Student Paper Award
  • 2009- AISTATS Best Paper Award Nomination
  • 2009- Google PHD Fellowship in Statistics

  • Former Lab Members

    Ethan Xingyuan Fang

    Assistant Professor at Penn State University.


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    Fang Han

    Assistant Professor at University of Washington.


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    Quanquan Gu

    Assistant Professor at University of Virginia.


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    Reading Group

    We have biweekly reading group. The topics of this semeser include optimization in infinite dimensional space, homotopy algorithm, stochastic convex optimization, random matrix theory, and CUDA for GPU programming.

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    Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering
    Sherred Hall 224
    Princeton University, NJ 08544
    Phone: +609 258 1788