Gilbert Harman

Gilbert Harman

Department of Philosophy
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544-1006

Phone: 609-258-4301
Fax: 609-258-1502

Change in View: Principles of Reasoning
(Available from MIT Press and Amazon)

Some of My Interests.

  • Ethics: moral psychology; guilt, shame, and resentment; analogies between moral theory and linguistics; virtue ethics; morality as resting on an implicit actual contract; moral relativism.
  • Language: conceptual role semantics, truth-functional linguistic semantics, linguistics, rejection of analyticity.
  • Mind: consciousness, intention, self-reflexive states, cognitive science.
  • Epistemology: induction, statistical learning theory, psychology of reasoning, pragmatic aspects of reasoning, logic as a theory of implication not inference, rejection of apriori knowledge, epistemic foundations, belief as based on assumptions.
  • Other topics: normative moral reasoning, evolution of human argument, polarization, Heidegger.
Online versions of some of my recent work

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2011 NEH Summer Seminar
  • Twentieth Century American Philosophy: Quine and Davidson, directed with Ernie Lepore: Seminar Web Site.

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