January 2014 Cognitive Science Events in Princeton

Wednesday January 8

4:30 PM. Program in Linguistics Talk. "Bias for Robust Information Transmission Shapes Language Production and Language: How Mathematical Theories of Communication Can Inform the Linguistic Sciences." T. Florian Jaeger, University of Rochester. 16 Joseph Henry House.

Thursday January 23

4:30 PM. Program in Linguistics Lecture. "Creating Language: Integrating Processing, Acquisition and Evolution." Morten H. Christiansen, Cornell. 16 Joseph Henry House.

Friday January 24

1 PM. Rutgers-Newark Psychology Colloquium. "Does What You Can Do Affect What You See? Paternalistic Vision and the El Greco Fallacy." Chaz Firestone, Graduate Student, Department of Psychology, Yale. 371-A Smith Hall, Rutgers-Newark.

Thursday January 30

9:30 AM. Neuroscience Theory Symposium. "Understanding contextual visual processing using a principled model of natural image statistics," Odelia Schwartz, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. A32 Princeton Neuroscience Institute.

10:45 AM. Neuroscience Theory Symposium. "Advaced statistical methods for deciphering the neural code," Jonathan Pillow, U Texas, Austin. A32 Princeton Neuroscience Institute.