March 2014 Cognitive Science Events in Princeton

Monday March 3

Noon. Rutgers Perceptual Science Talk. "Constructing Space: How a Naive Agent can Learn Spatial Relationships by Observing Sensorimotor Contingencies." Alexander Terekhov, Universite Paris Dscartes, Institut Neurosciences Cognition, Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception. 101 Psychology, Busch Campus, Rutgers.

4:30 PM. UCHV Talk. "But What About the Animals?" Cheshire Calhoun, Visting Research Scholar UCHV and Visiting Professor Philosophy. 301 Marx.

Tuesday March 4

1 PM. RuCCS Colloquium. "Reverse Engineering Common Sense: Modeling Human Intelligence with Probabilistic Programs and Program Induction." Josh Tenenbaum, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT. 101 Psychology, Busch Campus, Rutgers.

Friday March 7

Noon. Psychology Colloquium. "Take It to the Limit: Going to Extremes for One's Group." Michael Hogg, Claremont Graduate University. A32 Lecture Hall in PNI.

3 PM. Rutgers Linguistics Colloquium. TBA. Brett Hyde. 108 Linguistics. 18 Seminary Place, College Avenue Campus, Rutgers.

3 PM. Rutgers Psycholinguistics Talk. "Consequences of bilingualism for spoken language processing and language learning." Viorica Marian, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Northwestern University. 100 Art History, Douglas Campus, Rutgers.

Monday March 10

Noon. Rutgers Perceptual Science Talk. "Cognition in the Sensory Input to the Brain? Learning and Expectation Shape Low-level Sensory Processing in the Mouse." John McGann, Psychology, Rutgers. 101 Psychology, Busch Campus, Rutgers.

Tuesday March 11

1 PM. RuCCS Colloquium. "The Particular Elements of Perceptual Experience." Susanna Schellenberg, Philosophy, Rutgers. 101 Psychology, Busch Campus, Rutgers.

4:30 PM. ML-Stat Talk. "Recursive Deep Learning for Modeling Compositional Meaning in Language." Richard Socherm, Stanford University. 105 Computer Science.

4:30 PM. DeCamp Bioethics Seminar. "Handguns, Moral Rights, and Physical Security." David DeGrazia, National Institutes of Health and George Washington University. 101 Marx.

Wednesday March 12

4:30 PM. Neuroscience and Social Decision Making. "Taming the moral tiger: How moral foundations can shift political attitudes." Martin Day, Princeton University. PSH/PNI 101. (Peretsman-Scully Hall/Princeton Neuroscience Institute.)

Thursday March 13

4:30 PM. Computer Science Colloquium. "Machine Learning in the Wild." Ameet Talwalkar, UC-Berkeley. 105 Computer Science.

4:30 PM. Ethics and Public Affairs Lecture. "What Is Freedom For?" Leslie Green, Oxford. 301 Marx Hall.

4:30 PM. Rutgers Philosophy Mesthene Lecture. "The Word World Problem." Frank Jackson, ANU. Seminar room, 5th floow, Gateway Building, 106 Somerset Street, New Brunswick.

Friday March 14

4 PM. Philosophy Talk. "Resentment, Power, and Values." Bernard Reginster, Brown University. 2 Robertson.

Monday March 24

11:45 AM. Rutgers Perceptual Science Talk. "Prediction of Perceptual States under a 3S Perspective Visual Illusion using Patterns of Motor Variability." Jillian Nguyen, Psycholoy. 101 Psychology, Busch Campus, Rutgers.

Noon. Biophysics Talk. "Computation in Neurons and Networks." Adrienne Fairhall, University of Washington. Joseph Henry Room, Jadwin Hall.

Tuesday March 25

RuCCS Colloquium. "Using 'Now' and the Present Tense to Talk about the Past." Dr. Daniel Altshuler, Institut fur Sprache und Information, Department of Linguistics, Heinrich Heine Universitat, Dusseldorf. 101 Psychology, Busch Campus, Rutgers.

Thursday March 27

4:30 PM. Neuroscience Seminar. "Decision-Making under Uncertainty: Probing the Neural Basis of Mental Models." Alla Karpova, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm Research Campus. A32 Princeton Neuroscience Institute.

4:30 PM. Political Philosophy Colloquium. "The Right to Free Choice of Occupation." Lucas Stanczyk, MIT. 301 Marx.

4:30 PM. Rutgers Philosophy Lecture "What Is the Opposite of Well-Being." Shelly Kagan, Philosophy, Yale. Philosophy Department, 5th Floor, 106 Somerset St., College Avenue Campus, Rutgers, New Brunswick.

Friday March 28

12:30 PM. Psychology Colloquium. "Humans, Animals, and Objects: The Psychology of Dehumanization and Beyond." Nicholas Haslam, University of Melbourne. A23 Lecture Hall, Princeton Neuroscience Institute (PNI).

1 PM. Rutgers-Newark Psychology Colloquium. "The Five Percent: Finding Solutions to Seemingly Impossible Conflicts." Peter T. Coleman, Psychology, Columbia University. 371-A Smith Hall, Rutgers-Newark.

2 PM. IRCS Lecture. "The Origin of Concepts: Natural Number." Susan Carey, Psychology, Harvard. 101 Levine Hall (Wu & Chen Auditorium), 3330 Walnut Street, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

4 PM. Philosophy Colloquium. "Evidence and Epistemic Evaluation." Jessica Brown, Arche Reearch Centre, University of St. Andrews. Bowl 2 Robertson.

Monday March 31

Noon. RuCCS Perceptual Science Talk. "How Attention Affects Spatial Resolution." Marisa Carrasco, Psychology and Centers for Neural Science and Brain Imagine. 101 Psychology, Busch Campus, Rutgets.

CANCELLED. 4:15 PM. Quantitative and Computational Biology Seminar. "Cortical Control of Arm Moveents: A Dynamical Systems Perspective." Krishna Shenoy, Stanford. 101 Carl Icahn Lab. CANCELLED.

6 PM. Vanuxem Lecture. "Towards a Theory of How the Brain Works." Gary Marcus, Psychology, NYU. 50 McCash.