Rutgers Princeton Graduate Seminar: Philosophy of Language: Semantics and Pragmatics

MONDAY AFTERNOONS FALL 2012: Ernie Lepore, Gilbert Harman, and many distinguished visitors

CHANGE OF MEETING PLACE: Meetings at Rutgers are 1:10-4:20 in the Philosophy Seminar Room 3 at 3 Seminary Place, New Brunswick, about 10 minutes from the train station.

Meetings at Princeton are 1:30-4:30, 201 Marx Hall, the building which houses the Philosophy Department and Center for Human Values.

FOR PARTICIPANTS ONLY (requires password; seminar members can request it from

Schedule of Speakers

September 10: Ernie Lepore, at Rutgers. Reading.

September 17: Gilbert Harman, at Princeton. Reading.

September 24: Craige Roberts, at Rutgers. Reading.

October 1: Robin Jeshion, at Princeton. Reading.

October 8: Ernie and Matthew Stone, Rutgers Reading.

October 15: Stephen Neale, at Princeton Reading.

October 22: Barbara Partee, at Rutgers. Reading.

October 29: Princeton Fall Break

November 5: Peter Ludlow, at Princeton. Reading.

November 12: David Beaver, at Rutgers. Reading.

< November 19: Ernie and Matthew Stone at Princeton Reading.

< November 26: Ernie and Matthew Stone at Princeton Reading.

December 3: Dorit Abusch, at Rutgers Reading

December 10: Maria Bittner, at Rutgers. Reading.