W. V. Quine

NEH Summer Seminar
For College and University Teachers
And Advanced Graduate Students

20th Century American Philosophy
Quine and Davidson

Gilbert Harman and Ernie Lepore
June 20 - July 29, 2011
Princeton University








FOR PARTICIPANTS ONLY (requires password)

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The seminar will take place at Princeton University. This will enable us to draw upon the resources of both Princeton University and Rutgers University---both of which are home to two of the strongest programs in philosophy in the English speaking world. In addition, both are home to first rate linguistics and cognitive psychology programs---topics that intertwine tightly with Davidson's and Quine's work.

Princeton University, one of the oldest and most distinguished universities in the U.S., is located in the charming town of Princeton in Central New Jersey. The area around the University is rural, dotted with small villages and farms, and offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation in the summer. It is also an hour from the New Jersey shore, with further recreational opportunities. New York City is just over an hour away either by car or by New Jersey Transit commuter rail. Philadelphia is even closer. In our various past experiences with NEH Seminars and Institutes these proximities worked out perfectly for the participants. We expect the same for this seminar.

There will be no problem finding good housing for seminar participants. Since the University doesn't offer summer courses, there will be no problem finding accommodations within University housing. (Indeed, there is a long history of running NEH Seminars at Princeton.) Furthermore, a number of faculty and graduate students go away for periods making apartments, townhouses, and houses available to the participants in our program.

The Philosophy Department at Princeton is housed in historic 1879 Hall, to which Marx Hall was recently added. The building is fully air-conditioned. We will have the use of the Department's bright and airy main seminar room for our seminar meetings, as well as a smaller seminar room in which to keep reference materials for the use of seminar participants. The University has wireless access to the internet in virtually all University buildings, as well computer clusters that are widely available. Participants will have access to the athletic facilities on campus, parking privileges, and access to the University libraries.

The Firestone Library is one of the great research collections in the U.S. The library owns virtually all of the materials that we shall need, and can quickly get anything that it might not have on hand.

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