Program in Hellenic Studies

Academic Year 2007-2008

The Program in Hellenic Studies at Princeton University invites applications for three post-doctoral fellowships: (1) The Hannah Seeger Davis Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Hellenic Studies; (2) the Mary Seeger O'Boyle Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Hellenic Studies; (3) the Ted and Elaine Athanassiades Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Hellenic Studies. Fellows will be appointed as Post-Doctoral Research Associates for one academic year doing research on a full-time basis. These appointments are normally awarded annually on a competitive basis. There is one application form and procedure for all three fellowships..

These appointments are intended for scholars in Hellenic Studies, with a special emphasis on Modern Greek or Byzantine Studies, including their relation to the Classical tradition. The goal of this post-doctoral research fellowship program is to advance the scholarship of outstanding Hellenists at an early stage of their career and thus to strengthen the field of post-Classical Greek Studies (i.e., Modern Greek, Byzantine, and Late Antique Studies, as well as the study of the Classical tradition) in the United States and abroad.

The salary will be $41,500 for the academic year (term of residence September 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008). In addition to their salary, awardees receive partial reimbursement (up to $1,000 per academic year) for presenting papers at academic conferences during the period of their appointment, or for other research related expenses. They are responsible for their own travel and moving arrangements and expenses, as well as for finding and paying for their housing at Princeton. Before their departure, fellows are required to submit a report on their scholarly activities at Princeton.

Fellows are required to be in residence at Princeton during the term of their appointment, devoting the major portion of their time to research and writing. They are expected to participate in the activities of the Program and the intellectual life of the University. They present their work-in-progress at the weekly Hellenic Studies workshop and are encouraged to meet colleagues in their respective academic disciplines. They enjoy full access to the University's library, archival, and computing resources. They are provided shared workspace at the Hellenic Studies office, as well as access to the Hellenic Studies Reading Room in the University Library. No secretarial services or office supplies are available. Information technology support is available through the University Computer Center.

Candidates must have completed all the requirements for the doctoral degree by March 1, 2007 but no earlier than June 1, 2004. Exceptions may be granted to applicants who earned the Ph.D. degree prior to June 1, 2004, if they were kept from engaging in research immediately after obtaining their doctorate because of having been on parental leave, having been ill, having completed military service, or a similar type of circumstance. A statement to this effect must be submitted by the applicant and must be certified by the applicant's Department Chair. Scholars in all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences are eligible. Scholars with Ph.D. degrees from Princeton University, as well as former recipients of any kind of support from the Program in Hellenic Studies are not eligible to apply.

The Committee on Hellenic Studies makes post-doctoral awards on the basis of several criteria: (a) scholarly accomplishment in a discipline of the humanities or the social sciences and overall academic excellence and promise; (b) potential contribution to an interdisciplinary community of scholars at Princeton; (c) significance and quality of the research proposal in definition, clarity, organization, and scope; (d) potential future impact on the field of Hellenic Studies through teaching and writing; (e) ability to benefit from and contribute to the Program in Hellenic Studies at Princeton. Applications are reviewed both by specialists in the candidate’s academic discipline and by an interdisciplinary group of senior scholars.  All Committee decisions are confidential.

Candidates are required to submit an application form accompanied by the following: (1) cover letter with title and summary (200 words) of proposed research project; (2) research proposal (five pages; 2,000 words), including detailed description of project, timetable, explicit goals, and the reason it should be pursued at Princeton; (3) selected bibliography; (4) curriculum vitae and list of publications; (5) sample chapter of the dissertation or other recent work; (6) three confidential letters of recommendation from individuals who are not Princeton University faculty; and (7) a letter from the candidate's Department Chair confirming the date of completion of all the requirements for the doctoral degree. The letter confirming the date of completion of all the requirements for the doctoral degree should be mailed to the address below, and must be received by Friday, March 2, 2007. Application forms must be completed in English.

Referees should mail their letters of recommendation to the Program (Attention: Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship) at the address below. All materials must be sent in hard copy (no faxes or e-mail).  Materials submitted with the application are the property of the Program and will not be returned. They will be used solely for the purpose of considering the application for the research fellowship.

DEADLINE: All application materials (including letters of recommendation) must be received by Friday, January 5, 2007. Awards will be announced by mid March, 2007.

Before accepting a position under the terms of the award letter, all non-U.S. citizens and non-U.S. permanent residents should insure that they will be able to enter or remain in the U.S. and accept employment at Princeton. Applicants who have previously been in the U.S. under a J-status or who are currently in the U.S. on J-status are encouraged to consult with either their J-program sponsor or Mary Idzior, Director of Princeton's Office of Visa Services (, phone: 609-258-1450, fax: 609-258-2502) to determine if there will be any J-1 visa complications (transfer issues, 12 month bar, etc.). Individuals currently in the U.S. on other visa statuses (F-1 OPT, H-1B, TN, etc.) should contact Mary Idzior to determine if Princeton will be able to support a petition for their current status.

Princeton University is an equal opportunity employer and complies with the applicable EEO and affirmative action regulations. Candidates may choose to complete the “Invitation to Self-Identify ” form ( Providing the self-identification information is completely voluntary and declining to submit the information will not adversely affect your candidacy.

Requests for application forms and inquiries should be sent to:

Princeton University
Program in Hellenic Studies
Attn: Post Doctoral Research Fellowship
Scheide Caldwell House
Princeton, New Jersey 08544, U.S.A.

Telephone: (609) 258-3339