The Greek Experience Under Ottoman Rule
June 23-24, 2007
Hosted by Thera Foundation Petros M. Nomikos

Saturday, June 23

Introduction and Welcome:  Dimitri Gondicas (Princeton University)

Morning Panel #1: The Greek Provinces in the 18th Century
Chair: Heath Lowry (Princeton University)

Evdoxios Doxiadis, Sexual Crimes and Improprieties in Late Ottoman Greece (1750-1829) (abstract)

Antonis Hadjikyriacou, Accumulating Wealth and Power in Ottoman Cyprus: The Case of Dragoman Hadjgeorgakis Kornesios, c. 1779-1809 (abstract)

Katerina Stathi, A Confrontation of Sources for the History of Athens in the late 18th century (abstract)

Afternoon Panel #2: Greek Cultural Production in the Ottoman Empire
Chair: Eleni Gara (University of the Aegean)

John-Paul Ghobrial, News from Constantinople: Greek Popular Interest in “High” Ottoman Politics (abstract)

Günil Ayaydın Cebe, The Literary Activity of Ottoman Greeks in the 19th Century

Merih Erol, Musicological Debates and Ideological Concerns of Constantinopolitan Greeks in the early 20th Century: Ecclesiastical Music Society of Constantinople (abstract)

Sunday, June 24

Morning Panel #3: Greeks and Others: The National Question in the Long 19th Century
Chair: Andreas Lyberatos (Princeton University)

Feryal TansuğGreek and Turkish Communal Relations in Izmir between 1826-1864 (abstract)

Eirini Renieri,  Greeks and Armenians: Intercommunal Relations in the Vilayet of Adana (mid 19th – early 20th) (abstract)

Nikos Sigalas,  Millet as “Nation” in the Ottoman Literature of the 19th Century: A Critical Approach towards the Dominant Ethno-Religious Paradigm (abstract)

Afternoon Panel #4: Defining Community
Chair: Molly Greene (Princeton University)

Mathieu Grenet, Entangled Allegiances: A Study in the Definition of a Civic Identity among the Ottoman Greeks in Marseilles (1780-1840) (abstract)

Ayse Ozil, Some Issues with Respect to the Legal Corporate Identity of the Greek Orthodox Communities in the Late Ottoman Period (abstract)

Konstantina Andrianopoulou, Social Policies and National Mission: The case of the First World War: Orthodox Christian Orphans in Istanbul (abstract)