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picturePrinceton University
Professor: Department of Philosophy
Associate Faculty: Department of Mathematics

office: 1879 Hall, Room 220
department phone: 609-258-4289
department fax: 609-258-1502

curriculum vitae: PDF

spring 2014 office hours: Thursday 3:30-4:20pm

" ... it is mathematics which reveals every genuine truth, for it knows every hidden secret, and bears the key to every subtly of letters; whoever, then, has the effrontery to study physics while neglecting mathematics, should know from the start that he will never make his entry through the portals of wisdom." (Thomas Bradwardine, ca 1330)

"Ich behaupte, dass in jeder besonderen Naturwissenschaft nur so viel eigentliche Wissenschaft angetroffen werden kann, als darin Mathematik enthalten ist." (Immanuel Kant)