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Princeton University
Professor: Department of Philosophy
Associated Faculty: Department of Mathematics

office: 1879 hall, room 220
department phone: 609-258-4289
department fax: 609-258-1502

curriculum vitae: PDF

Current research centers around: philosophy of science, history of analytic philosophy, categorical logic and category theory. These three themes are unified as follows: category theory and categorical logic are natural tools for the logical analysis of science, carrying forward the program of Rudolf Carnap. Category theory also bears on issues in the foundations of mathematics, where I'm working on set-theoretic versus category-theoretic foundations, and univalent foundations, among other things.

I also work on philosophy of physics, most particularly, foundations of quantum field theory. I've also dabbled in quantum information theory and experimental metaphysics. And I have some less well substantiated opinions about cosmology and theology, the fine-tuning design argument, and methodological naturalism.