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Stuart Professor: dept of philosophy
Associated Faculty: dept of mathematics
Princeton University

office: 1879 hall, room 220
department phone: 609.258.4289

curriculum vitae: PDF

research summary: My research focuses on the "logical analysis" of scientific theories — an idea that originated with the logical positivists, and which remains viable despite the other failures of their program. For an overview, see: logical philosophy of science.

The framework for this project is mathematical logic, and the data is scientific theories. But mathematical logic isn't a static entity – it is also a developing science. I think that the most fruitful developments are happening in category theory and categorical logic. (See also category-theoretic foundations, and univalent foundations.)

When it comes to contemporary science, I focus primarily on physics, and more particularly on quantum field theory, quantum information theory, and experimental metaphysics.

Ultimately, I aim to move from science to wisdom (to borrow a phrase from Evert Beth). Is science the only source of knowledge, or can knowledge arise from moral intuitions, religious traditions, etc.? And if so, then how do the various sources of knowledge relate to each other? Although these questions are more speculative, and less tractable than the logical ones above, I've written a bit about the relationship between science and religion – e.g. cosmology and theology, the fine-tuning design argument, and methodological naturalism.