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Algebraic Quantum Field Theory (with M. Müger) [pdf] [arXiv]

In Handbook of Philosophy of Physics, edited by Jeremy Butterfield and John Earman. Elsevier, 2006.

Can quantum cryptography imply quantum mechanics? Reply to Smolin (with J. Bub) [journal] [arXiv]

Quantum Information and Computation 5, 170–175 (2005)

Remote preparation of arbitrary ensembles and quantum bit commitment [journal] [arXiv]

Journal of Mathematical Physics 45, 4920–4931 (2004)

On information theoretic characterizations of physical theories [journal] [arXiv]

Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 35, 277–293 (2004)

Complementarity of representations in quantum mechanics [journal] [arXiv]

Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 35, 45–56 (2004)

Characterizing quantum theory in terms of information-theoretic constraints (with J. Bub and R. Clifton) [journal] [arXiv]

Foundations of Physics 33, 1561–1591 (2003)

Reconsidering Bohr's reply to EPR (with R. Clifton) [arXiv]

In Non-locality and Modality, T. Placek and J. Butterfield (eds.) Kluwer (2002), pp. 3–18.

No place for particles in relativistic quantum theories? (with R. Clifton) [journal] [arXiv]

Philosophy of Science 69, 1–28 (2002)
Also appears in The Philosopher's Annual XXV (2002)
Also appears in Ontological aspects of quantum field theory, M. Kuhlmann et al. (eds.) World Scientific (2002), pp. 181–213.

Are Rindler quanta real? Inequivalent particle concepts in quantum field theory (with R. Clifton) [journal] [arXiv]

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 52, 417–470 (2001)

On the nature of continuous physical quantities in classical and quantum mechanics [journal] [arXiv]

Journal of Philosophical Logic 30, 27–50 (2001)
Also appears in The Philosopher's Annual XXIV, 41–65 (2001)

Reeh-Schlieder defeats Newton-Wigner. On alternative localization schemes in relativistic quantum field theory [journal] [arXiv]

Philosophy of Science 68, 111–133 (2001)

Entanglement and open systems in algebraic quantum field theory (with R. Clifton) [journal] [arXiv]

Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 32, 1–31 (2001)

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen state maximally violates Bell's inequalities [journal] [arXiv]

Letters in Mathematical Physics 53, 321–329 (2000)

Generic Bell correlation between arbitrary local algebras in quantum field theory (with R. Clifton) [journal] [arXiv]

Journal of Mathematical Physics 41, 1711–1717 (2000)

Nonlocal correlations are generic in infinite-dimensional bipartite systems (with R. Clifton and A. Kent) [journal] [arXiv]

Physical Review A 61, 042101 (2000)

Bipartite mixed states of infinite-dimensional systems are generically nonseparable (with R. Clifton) [journal] [arXiv]

Physical Review A 61, 012108 (2000)

Maximal beable subalgebras of quantum mechanical observables (with R. Clifton) [journal] [arXiv] [erratum]

International Journal of Theoretical Physics 38, 2441–2484 (1999)

Superentangled states (with R. Clifton, D. Feldman, M. Redhead, and A. Wilce) [journal]

Physical Review A 58, 135–145 (1998)

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