Schedule for Keohane Festschrift

February 11, 2005

Helen V. Milner and Andrew Moravcsik

Thursday, February 17th

Surprise party 6:30 pm at the Carl Icahn Lab Atrium. Please arrive on time since we want to surprise Bob.

Friday, February 18th: Wallace Hall 300

8-9: Continental Breakfast

9-9:45: Introduction: Anne-Marie Slaughter, Helen Milner, and Andy Moravcsik

9:45-11:00: Roundtable #1: 15 mins each (Nan Keohane, Nat Keohane, Stanley Hoffmann, Sydney Verba)

11:00-11:15: Mid morning break

11:15-1:15: Trade and Monetary Relations

(3 papers: 40 mins each: 10 mins to present; 15 mins to discuss; 15 mins for questions)

Vinod K. Aggarwal (University of California at Berkeley): The Dynamics of Trade liberalization (D.Yoffie)

Kenneth A. Oye (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): On Beliefs and Regimes: Justification, Causal Knowledge and Measures of Compliance (J. Goldstein)

Layna Mosley (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Private Governance for the Public Good? Exploring Private Sector Participation in Global Financial Regulation (N. Woods)

1:15-2:30: lunch

2:30-4:30: Non-Traditional Issues In IR

Beth A. Simmons (Harvard University): Women, Education and Institutions: A Tribute to the Insights and Efforts of Robert O. Keohane (S. Brooks)

J. Ann Tickner (University of Southern California): On Taking Religious Worldviews Seriously (L. Andonova)

Jonathan D. Aronson (University of Southern California: Power and Interdependence): International Intellectual Property Rights in a Networked World (J. Crystal)

4:30-4:45: Mid afternoon break

4:45-6:15: Roundtable #2 (Peter Katzenstein, Joe Nye, Ruth Grant and Allen Buchanan)

Saturday, February 19th: Wallace Hall 300

8-9: Continental Breakfast

9-11: International Institutions and Cooperation

Ronald B. Mitchell (University of Oregon): The Influence of International Institutions: Institutional Design, Compliance, Effectiveness and Endogeneity (K. Abbott)

Randall W. Stone (University of Rochester): Institutions, Power and Interdependence (M. Kahler)

Michael J. Gilligan (New York University): The Transactions Costs Approach to Understanding International Institutions: An Intellectual Legacy of Robert O. Keohane (D. Snidal)

11-11:15: mid morning break

11:15-12:30: Security Relations

Page Fortna (Columbia University) & Lisa Martin (Harvard University): Peacekeepers as Signals (J. Owen)

Timothy J. McKeown (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): The Big Influence of Big Allies ĘC Transgovernmental Relations as a Tool of Statecraft (H. Hafterndorn)

12.30-12:45: break

12:45-2:00: Power, Interdependence and Cooperation

Kiron K. Skinner (Carnegie Mellon University): Monotonicity Paradoxes, Mutual Cooperation, and the End of the Cold War: Merging History and Theory (A. Moravscik)

Kalypso Nicolaidis (Oxford University): From the Single market for services to the European constitution and back: The dilemmas of mutual recognition (M. Levy)

2:00-3:30: lunch and good bye