Transatlantic Relations Workshop Program


November 11-12, 2005


Helen V. Milner


Princeton University

Woodrow Wilson School Of Public And International Affairs


Table of Contents:



I. Introduction                                    Michel Girard and Helen V. Milner


II. Andy Moravcsik                            Europe and America in Liberal Perspective


III. Michel Girard                               The Construction of Transatlantic Differences


IV Charles Kupchan                            Strategic Differences and the Balance of Power

"Power Balancing: The Sources of Transatlantic Tension - and Its Solution"


V Dominique David                            Divergences in (Perceptions of) Security and Strategic Relations


VI Sophie Meunier                             Political Tensions and the Solidity of Transatlantic Economic Relations


VII Christian de Boissieu                    Economic Relations & US Hegemony


VIII Urs Luterbacher                          The Environment, Kyoto Accords and Transatlantic Divergences


IX Wayne Sandholtz                           Europe, America, and the International Criminal Court