Books by Charles C. Gillispie

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Science and Polity in France: The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Years, Princeton University Press, 2004.

Pierre-Simon Laplace, 1749-1827:A Life in Exact Science,Princeton University Press, 1997

The Montgolfier Brothers and the Invention of Aviation, 1783-84, with a word on the importance of ballooning for the science of heat and the art of building railroads. Princeton University Press, 1983). French translation, Actes Sud, 1989.

Science and Polity in France at the End of the Old Regime, Princeton University Press, 1980. Italian translation, Il Mulino, Bologna, 1983.

Lazare Carnot, Savant. With an Essay by A.P. Youschkevitch. Princeton University Press, 1971. French translation, Vrin, Paris, 1976.

The Edge of Objectivity:An Essay in the History of Scientific Ideas. Princeton University Press, 1960; Reissued with a new preface, Princeton University Press, 1990. Italian, Japanese, Greek, Korean, Polish translations.

Genesis and Geology: A Study in the Relations of Scientific Thought, Natural Theology, and Social Opinion in Great Britain, 1790-1850. Harvard University Press, 1951; 2nd printing, 1969; Harper Torch Book Edition, 1959.