WWW Resources for History 211


For an extensive collection of original sources pertinent to the course, see the Internet Medieval Sourcebook and the Internet Modern History Sourcebook at Fordham University.

Week 1

A page on The Celts at Washington State University's World Civilizations site
Darren Kneen's History of the Celts
Encyclopedia of the Celts

The main documents from the Medieval Sourcebook pertaining to the Council of Nicaea (325) and its condemnation of the Arian heresy

Week 2

Documentary accounts and picture of the coronation of Charlemagne
The text of the Donation of Constantine from the Medieval Sourcebook
The Foundation Charter of Cluny (910) from the Medieval Sourcebook
The Cluny Project at the University of Münster; see in particular the virtual recreation of the original monastery and its successor.

Week 3

The two documents from the lecture on "Mills and Manors"
English Windmills is just one of the websites of the International Windmill Ring. See also The Mills Archive, which has a new online catalog.

The Bayeux Tapestry in full color, with commentary

Week 4

Week 5

Professor Stephen Murray of Columbia University has assembled a stunning website describing all aspects of Amiens Cathedral.  It is worth taking some time to explore the site.  For a closer look at some of the other cathedrals we've been discussing, see

Some additional documents from the Medieval Sourcebook of interest pertaining to the university and learning:

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

The University of Texas has made images of its copy of the Gutenberg Bible available online.

Images of the manuscript original of Copernicus' De revolutionibus, how held by his alma mater, Jagiellonian University in Cracow.

Week 9

Selections from Mersenne's Truth of the Sciences

At the beginning of Part V of the Discourse on Method, Descartes refers to a "Treatise which certain considerations prevent me from publishing".  He is referring to The World, or a Treatise on Light.

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12