HISTORY 211, Fall 2003


We will be signing up for precepts online this semester.  Please go to the Precept Preference Form to register your choices for a time.  Some of you may have signed up at registration.  If so, please make that time your first preference and then indicate second and third choices.  We would like to keep the precepts balanced, so we may make some switches.  Also, for that reason, all changes to the assignments in the table below must be approved by Professor Mahoney.


Tues 11:00
Gen Liang
Dickinson 210
Bryan Brown
Brandon Cartwright
Chris Cheek
Robert Creighton
Darrick Evansen
Sophie Gomer
JG Guidera
Rachel Hargreaves-Heald
Tad Marshall
Dustin Meyer
Laura Stroessner
Wed 1:30
Gen Liang
McCosh 24
Mary Bynum
Chris Frankel
Ryan McInnis
Alicia Prince
Vasanta Pundarika
Ivan Rasmussen
Matt Satriano
Aaron Stewart
Ann Vale
Jeffrey Wayno
Wed 2:30
Gen Liang
McCosh B13
Kris Berr
Marie Beylin
Jeremy Davis-Turak
Michael Matejek
Lauren Palmer
Roberto Pena
Thomas Voute
Thur 9:00
M. Mahoney
Dickinson 210
Sherene Awad
Kyrsten Brea
Warren Caldwell
Mike Gaudio
Ana Sofia Ivascu
Tatiana Josephy
Andrew Markoff
Morgan Prewitt
Karina Reyner
Robert Santoro
Anders Swanson