History 398 - Fall 1996

Technologies and Their Societies: Historical Perspectives

Professor M.S. Mahoney

I. Structure of the Course

II. Books to be Purchased

All other assignments listed below are contained in a packet of selected readings available at Print-It.

III. Lectures and Assignments

Week I (16 September)

Read: 	Pacey, Chaps. 1-3

Week II (23 September)

Read: 	Robert Mark and William W. Clark, "Gothic Structural Experimentation", 
		Scientific American  251,5(Nov. 1984), pp. 176-185
	Richard Holt, The Mills of Medieval England, Chaps. 3, 6 
	Peter Laslett, The World We Have Lost, Chap. 1, "English Society
		Before and After the Coming of Industry"

Week III (30 September)

Read:	Pacey, Chaps. 4, 6, 7
	Richard L. Hills, Power in the Industrial Revolution, Chaps. 2, 10, 11 
****First paper due****

Week IV (7 October)

Read:	Richard Hills, Power in the Industrial Revolution, Chap. 12
J.T. Ward, The Factory System, Vol.I, 16-36, 59-75, Part 3 
Anthony F.C. Wallace, Rockdale, Chapter IV 

Week V (14 October)

Read: 	Karl Marx, Capital, Vol.I, Chap.15 ("Machinery and Large-Scale 
Industry"), Sect. 1-5, 8
Charles Babbage, On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures,
	Chaps. 1, 8, 13, 19, 20
E.P. Thompson, "Time, Work-Discipline, and Industrial Capitalism", 
	Past and Present 38(1960), 56-97

Week VI (21 October)

Read:	John F. Kasson, Civilizing the Machine: Technology and Republican Values in America, 1776-1900, Chap. 2
Merritt Roe Smith, Harpers Ferry Armory and the New Technology, Chaps. 9, 11
********* FALL BREAK *********

Week VII (4 November)

Read:	Mayr and Post, essays by Musson, Uselding, and Hounshell
	Nathan Rosenberg, "Technological Change in the Machine Tool Industry, 1840-1910", 
		Journal of Economic  History 23(1963), 414-443 [repr. in Rosenberg,
		Perspectives on Technology (Cambridge U.P., 1976), Chap.1]

Week VIII (11 November)

Read:	Henry Ford, "Mass Production", Encyclopedia Britannica, 13th ed. 
	Mayr and Post, essays by Chandler and Nelson
	Meyer, Chaps. 1-3
****Second Paper Due****

Week IX (18 November)

Read: 	Meyer, Chaps. 4-7
	Mayr and Post, essay by Harris
        Robert S. and Helen Lynd, Middletown, Chaps. 4-8, 13-14, 17-19, 27-29

Week X (25 November)

Read: 	Pacey, Chap. 10
	William Aspray (ed.), Computing Before Computers, Chaps. 3, 4, 7 

Week XI (2 December)

Read: Kidder (entire)

Week XII (9 December)

Read:	Langdon Winner, "Do Artifacts Have Politics?" Daedalus(Winter, 1980), 121-136
	Sherry Turkle, The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit, Chaps. 5-7