History 398, Fall 2006

Precept Lists

Precepts will meet the week of 18 September, so I'd like to try assigning people to precepts before the course begins. Please take a moment to fill out the Precept Preference Form.

We want to keep the precepts as balanced as we can, so all changes must be approved by Professor Mahoney, aka mike@princeton.edu. We will treat the list below as the official record, so please let us know if we have you in the wrong place.

Wednesday, 1:30
G-02 Dickinson

Justine Chaney
Daniel Eison
Kalle Eko
Edward Forsythe
Neil Katuna
Brian Kirk
Nikki Laffel
Chris Merrick
Rachel Price
Kyle Vellutato
Colyn Watkins
Wednesday, 7:30
230 Dickinson

Okezie Aguwa
Daniel Eagles
Joe Falit
Weiyin He
David Maass
Adam Malin
Josh Scheiman
Michael Shapiro
Sarah Sherman
Michael Treadow
Alex von Lockner
Frank Wang
Sam Zeitlin