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In August, 2001, Dee Barrington Wood asked if I could remember the names of teachers we had in Butler Grade School in our K-8 years, 1945-54. I wrote out a list of teachers I could recall, along with other memories of our school days, and mailed that to Dee, along with copies to other "Butler kids" for whom I had e-mail addresses.
Over the next few months, 19 correspondents sent me their Butler memories, and we started a chain-letter of reminiscence. People began to ask if the memories could be compiled, so I organized our recollections by grade years, K to 8, beginning with our teachers and ending with general topics that covered several years.
Soon I heard from 58s who went to other schools, and they sent in memories and pictures. Please add your thoughts by sending an e-mail to Will Howarth. If your school is not yet listed, I'll start a page for it. Use the Forum or E-Mail list to reach others. In 2004, our 8th grade graduations will be 50 years ago. Let's share our memories of those days.

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