Springfield Entertainment

The following information and photos are from Springfield Entertainment: A Pictorial Quarterly (St. Louis: G. Bradley Publishing, 1996), edited by Curtis Mann, Edward Russo, and Melinda Garvert, curators of the Sangamon Valley Collection in the Lincoln Public Library. Many thanks to the authors and publishers for permission to reprint a few of these superb photos.

The book is part of a 4-volume series, on Springfield business, entertainment, home life, and public services. For ordering information, call the G. Bradley Publishing Company at 1-800-966-5120.

My listing covers just some of the many 1940-1960 -era photos in this excellent pictorial history. There's no better source for remembering how "our Springfield" looked and felt. Sad to say, most of these places no longer exist.

Parks and Recreation

Movie Houses

Radio and Television

Theatre and Dance

Cafes, Restaurants, and Bars

Hotels and Motels

Sporting Events