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Cross-Border Banking and Global Liquidity (with Valentina Bruno) (August 2014 version); forthcoming in the Review of Economic Studies (presentation slides)

Capital Flows and the Risk-Taking Channel of Monetary Policy (with Valentina Bruno) (November 2014 version); forthcoming in the Journal of Monetary Economics (on-line appendix)

Dynamic Leverage Asset Pricing (with Tobias Adrian and Emanuel Moench) (November 2014 version)

Risk-Taking Channel of Monetary Policy:  A Global Game Approach (with Stephen Morris) (presentation slides)

Market Tantrums and Monetary Policy (with Michael Feroli, Anil Kashyap and Kim Schoenholtz) paper at 2014 US Monetary Policy Forum, February 2014 (links to press commentary)

Globalization of Corporate Risk-Taking (with Valentina Bruno)

Financial Shocks in Production Chains (with Sebnem Kalemli-OzcanSe-Jik Kim, Bent E. Sorensen and Sevcan Yesiltas) (presentation slides)

The Second Phase of Global Liquidity and Its Impact on Emerging Economies, remarks at 2013 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Asia Economic Policy Conference (presentation slides) (Martin Wolf's comment in FT)

Global Liquidity through the Lens of Monetary Aggregates (with Kyuil Chung, Jong-Eun Lee, Elena Loukoianova and Hail Park), IMF Working Paper 14/9

Firms as Surrogate Intermediaries:  Evidence from Emerging Economies (with Laura Yi Zhao)

Commentary on "The Routes into and out of the Zero Lower Bound'' by Robert E. Hall at the 2013 Jackson Hole Symposium

Working Capital, Trade and Macro Fluctuations (with Se-Jik Kim) (May 2013 version) (presentation slides)

Cross-Border Banking and Global Liquidity (with Valentina Bruno) (November 2013 version)

Exploring the Dynamics of Global Liquidity (with Sally Chen, Philip Liu, Andrea Maechler, Chris Marsh and Sergejs Saksonovs) IMF working paper 12/246

Capital Flows and the Risk-Taking Channel of Monetary Policy (with Valentina Bruno) (on-line appendix) (link to BIS conference webpage with discussants' comments)

Procyclical Leverage and Endogenous Risk (with Jon Danielsson and Jean-Pierre Zigrand)

Financing Growth without Banks:  Korean Housing Repo Contract (with Se-Jik Kim)

Risk Appetite and Exchange Rates (with Tobias Adrian and Erkko Etula) (June 2011 version)

Carry Trades, Monetary Policy and Speculative Dynamics (with Guillaume Plantin)

Procyclicality and Monetary Aggregates (with Kwanho Shin) NBER working paper w16836

Financial Intermediation and the Post-Crisis Financial System  BIS working paper 304, presented at the 2009 BIS Annual Conference

Financial Intermediation, Asset Prices, and Macroeconomic Dynamics (with Tobias Adrian and Emanuel Moench) August 2010 version

A Financial System Perspective on Japan's Experience in the Late 1980s (with Masazumi Hattori and Wataru Takahashi) (BOJ 2009 conference version) (August 2010 version) (presentation slides)

Monetary Cycles, Financial Cycles, and the Business Cycle (with Tobias Adrian and Arturo Estrella) (link to paper)

Illiquidity Component of Credit Risk (with Stephen Morris) (link to paper) (presentation slides) (October 2009 version)

Common Belief Foundations of Global Games (with Stephen Morris) (paper)

Do Derivatives Disclosures Impede Sound Risk Management? (with Haresh Sapra) (link to paper)

Measuring Strategic Uncertainty (with Stephen Morris) (pdf file of paper)