"We have granted you a manifest victory" Qur'ân 48:1.
Calligraphed by Abd al-Ghani al Baghdadi, 1384/1966.
The Thuluth script is mirrored and plaited.

This website was developed cooperatively by Peter A. Batke , Jerome W. Clinton , Denise El-Soufi, and Akel I. Kahera. Students in Humanities 221: Foundations of Classic Islamic Civilization (Spring 1996) also contributed, and a complete list of their names can be read here

Al-Khazina is an interactive database for the study of Islamic Culture, particularly in the early centuries. We developed it for use in university courses on a wide range of topcs in Islamic civilization,and from introductory through advanced levels.The menu of its contents appears in the column to the left. We plan to make additions to it from time to time.