Qur'ân Translations Searchable translations of the sacred scripture of Islam available on the internet and world wide web.
al-Qur'an Start here This Qur'an from the University of Michigan will give you all occurences of a word arranged by the sequence of their appearance.
Three Parallel Translations of The Holy Qur'an This resource, which is maintained by the Muslim Students Association or the University of Southern California offers several search strategies.
The Searchable Qur'ân This site, which is maintained by the Scholarly Technology Group at Brown University, has the most sophisticated browser of the various online Qur'âns. user's guide
Bible Browser A comparable browser for the Bible in translation - the Revised Standard Version, the King James Version and Jerome's Vulgate (Latin). Also at Brown University
The recited Qur'ân Arabic text by surah recited by Sheikh Khalil al-Husri
The Illuminated KoranPages from the collection of Illuminated Korans in the Topkapi Palace collection in Istanbul