Sufism and Sufi Organizations

Some Attempts to Answer the Question, "What is Sufism?"

 Sufism, Sufis, and Sufi Orders: Sufism's Many Paths
 Sufism / IslamicMysticism
 Serving the Guest:A Sufi Cookbook & Art Gallery

A Few Sufi Orders or Tariqahs
(There are many with centers in the U.S. For a fuller list see item 1 above)

 The Ashki Jerrahi Order
 The Sufi Order International
 The Nimatullahi Sufi Order
 The Qadiri-Rifa'i Order
 The Naqshbandi Organization

Mowlana Jalaloddin Rumi

Some links to online resources for the study of Rumi's poetry

Sufi Publications, Publishing Houses, Book Reviews, etc.