Image Gallery

The numerous experiments performed at the IAC have resulted in this wonderful collection of beautiful and intricate images.

Images Courtesy of  Nan Yao, Vincenzo Lordi,  Chris Harrison. 

Descriptions of selected images:

  1. Molecular dynamic simulation of a helical poly(phenylacetylene) molecular wraps around a single wall(10,10) carbon nanotube (diameter:1.3nm). 
  2. TEM image of a multi-walled carbon nanotube tip before and after oxidation.
  3. Molecular dynamic simulation of interaction between a C60 molecular and a single wall (10,10) carbon nanotube (diameter:1.3nm).
  4. TEM image showing a pattern transfer from a block copolymer thin film to a silicon nitride membrane via ozonation etching.
  5. Reflection EM image of a (110) cleavage surface of InP single crystal.
  6. TEM image of a tip structure of Ti-doped MoS2 nanotube.
  7. TEM image of self-assembled MCM48 silicate material with channel size of 4nm.
  8. SEM image of template growth of regular arrays of nano-dispersed gold dots.
  9. SEM image of self-assembled mesomorphic SiO2 thin film on water surface.
  10. SEM image of a silicon surface upon the selective etching.
  11. Reflection EM image of ?-Alumina (011) Surface.
  12. SEM of single-celled algae magnified about 1000 times.