Equipment Reservations

Instrument charge rates (effective July 1, 2015)

Usage time on Imaging Instruments and Sample Preparation Equipment will be rounded up to the nearest 1/2 hour for billing. Minimum charge per use is by default 1/2 hour, but is 1 hour for high-vacuum instruments, as noted below.

Base Rates

Base rates apply to unassisted use by Princeton University undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs, research and technical staff, and faculty. If the usage is assisted by a member of the professional IAC staff, or if the user is from outside Princeton, the actual charge rate differs from the base rate, as described under "Rate Factors by User" and "Assistance Surcharges" below.

Imaging Instrument Hourly Rate Minimum Use
FEI Strata Focused Ion Beam (FIB) $55 one hour
Philips/FEI CM200 TEM $50 one hour
Bruker D8 XRD $35 one hour
Cameca SX50 Electron Microprobe $35 one hour
Ellipsometer (M-2000) $35 one hour
FEI Quanta ESEM $35 one hour
Horiba Raman $35 one hour
Leica Confocal DCM $35 one hour
Veeco AFM Dimension Nanoman $35 one hour
Digital Instruments Dimension 3000 AFM $30 one hour
Digital Instruments Multimode AFM $30 one hour
FEI/Philips XL30 FEG SEM $30 one hour
Philips CM100 TEM $30 one hour
Rigaku Miniflex XRD $30 one hour
Zeiss Optical $15 one hour
Sample Prep Equipment Hourly Rate  
Ion Beam Sputter Coater $15  
Ion Milling $15  
Carbon Coater $15  
Dimpler $15  
Ultramicrotome $15  
Allied Multiprep Polisher $15  

Rate Factors by User

The factors listed below multiply the base rate, e.g., two hours' use of the XL30 at the base rate is $60.

User is conducting work for another academic institution. 2x
User is conducting work for a for-profit organization 4x

Assisted Surcharges

Assisted use of Imaging Instrument by a member of the professional IAC staff
This is a rate multiplier as defined under "Rate Factors by User", e.g., two hours' use of the XL30 by a Princeton graduate student (base rate) is $60, but if the student was assisted for these two hours, the charge will be $180 (3x). If only one of the two hours was assisted, the charge will be $30 (unassisted hour) + 3 x $30 (assisted hour) = $120.
Assisted use of Sample Prep Equipment by a member of the professional IAC staff
This is a straight surcharge to which the user rate factors also apply, e.g., 1 hour of assisted use of the ion beam sputter coater will be billed at $10 (equipment use) + $50 (assistance) = $60 for a Princeton graduate student.


Consumables are charged on a cost-recovery plus handling basis; user rate factors do not apply to consumables charges.

AFM Tips (si, tapping mode) contact Nan Yao ( or Don Schoorman ( for information. $25/each
TEM negatives $2.50/page
Color prints (Olympus P-400) $2/each