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We are working on getting industrial speakers on campus this semester. Please check back later.

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- IAHE Speaker Series 2009-2010 -

「 Renewable Energy : Ideas and Impact 」

** We appreciate the generous support from High Meadows Sustainability Fund. **

- Archive of Synopsis-

Hydrogen Energy 101 (November 2009, Professor J. Benziger)

How do we store renewable energy? (December 2009, Professor C. Arnold)

- Events -

"Carbon Capture & Sequestration"

Professor Catherine Peters, CEE

02/11/2010, Thursday @ Campus Club Dining Room 

Ever heard about this brand-new concept of carbon mitigation technology? 
Professor Catherine Peters will be our first speaker in Spring to talk about the technology and issues of CCS. No RSVP required. Please join us and bring your interested friends as well! Hot Buffet from Business Bistro will be served.


"How Do We Store Alternative Energy?"

Professor Craig Arnold, MAE

12/03/2009, Thursday @ Frist Campus Centre 309

Professor Craig Arnold from MAE Department will discuss on cutting-edge technologies and policy issues with regard to alternative energy storage. Hot buffet from Business Bistro will be served. All Princeton members are welcome. No RSVP required.

Click here to download the synopsis.


"Hydrogen Energy 101"

Professor Jay Benziger, CHE

11/11/2009, Thursday @ Wu Special Dining Room

Click here to download the synopsis.


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