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- 2011 HEF-DOE Hydrogen Student Design Contest -

Princeton's new H2 Team, led by Josh, Sarthak, and Torin, are competing in the 2011 Hydrogen Student Design Contest co-organized by the Hydrogen Education Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Please check back this page on our progress..

Please contact iahe@princeton.edu if you would like to receive more information.


- 1st IAHE Hydrogen Design Competition -

Princeton H2 Team received 1st Prize

in the IAHE Hydrogen Design Competition 2010

IAHE-PU 2010 Presents: The Homemaker's Hydrogen Generator

. Executive Summary .

Hydrogen, as a highly reactive element, does not exist in its pure form on earth, presenting significant challenges in the acquisition and safe storage of the highly explosive gas. As such, the viability of a sustainable hydrogen economy greatly depends on the development of an efficient, cost-effective method of hydrogen production. One potential model for addressing this challenge is to deploy portable hydrogen generators on the home scale. IAHE-PU has designed and created one such generator, which produces hydrogen through the electrolysis of water. The final design was created to optimize cost-effectiveness and portability while maximizing hydrogen output.
Our system utilizes simple household items as a proof-of-concept for home-scale do-it-yourself portable hydrogen generators. A Sharp ND130UJF 130W Solar Module Panel powers our system. In total, we have a series of six Glasslock® containers with a small outlet on one side of the lid for the gas collection tube and two tiny holes for wires to connect nickel electrodes, which are immersed in 8 M KOH solution to the external circuit.
Over the course of one hour, our system produced 8.61 L of hydrogen gas at an estimated cost of $8.58 per kilogram of hydrogen gas (assuming a 25-year lifetime of our system).

View our full report: The Homemaker's Hydrogen Generator [pdf]

View our poster: A Portable Hydrogen Generator for the Homemaker [pdf]

Competition Guidelines: [pdf]

Last Updated: 04/05/2010

For any questions regarding the project or if you are interested to join the H2 team, please contact us directly.


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