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1. CRoCCo Lab

2. Collaboration

When Working with others over the Internet it is a good idea to truncate long url’s with TinyURL, fitURL, or RURL.

Enter a long URL to make tiny:
Shorten URL with RURL:

2.1. CVS

Using CVS is quite a good idea because it allows multiple people to edit the same code at once, and it allows you to revert to older versions if you make some horrific error. Just keep in mind that it is only effective if:

  1. You write meaningful messages in the changelog.

  2. You use the tag command effectively when working with multiple files. The tag command is necessary when working on things with multiple dependencies. A tag effectively groups certain revisions of files together as a unit. It can be thought of as a revision number for the entire project. This allows you to revert to the state of your project from whenever tag commands were issued. This way you don’t have to figure out which individual file revision numbers go with each other.

  3. Develop some consistent protocol for changelog messages, branching tagging, etc. with the rest of your coworkers.

2.2. Pastebins

Use pastebins to share code and images over the net. Here is a list of useful pastebins.

2.2.1. Lisppaste

Lisppaste has the advantage that it will interface with emacs if you install the lisppaste.el package, and it will give you the option of announcing the paste on certain IRC channels.

2.2.2. Fortran

2.2.3. Bash (scripting)

2.2.4. C

2.2.5. Images

2.3. IRC

IRC is a great way to collaborate with coworkers on projects. One can even set up one’s own private IRC server. IRC is a chatroom environment with many added bells and whistles.

Some relevant IRC channels are:

My nick is ibeekman

2.4. wiki’s

Wiki’s are nice in that they are collaboratively maintained. This could be used for different people to document the codes they develop within a group. Each user is responsible for maintaining his or her information. Wiki markup language is quite easy to learn and wiki’s themselves are not terribly difficult to install and maintain.

2.5. Auto-documentation

There are a number of programs out there which simplify the generation of documentation for software. The idea is that you can create a single source file with certain comments which will generate both the executable file and the documentation file. I am currently not using this but I have looked around and it seems that ROBODoc is probably the best one to use with fortran, but I have a suspicion that, like almost everything else on the web, the 90/95 dialects might give it some trouble. Here is the wikipedia page about ROBODoc. AsciiDoc may also be used to quickly generate manpages, websites, docbooks, pdf’s and LaTeX markup.