UNODCCP (United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention) or the UNDCP (United Nations Drug Control Program which is the same program). Click on the research section on the left.

Global Illicit Drug Trends 1999-2003 (pdf downloadable) This annual report shows excellent global data on illegal drug trafficking and seizures in narrative form and charts for cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, and cannabis resin. Also available for free download is the World Drug Report

UNODCCP Technical Series has several pdf reports available to download on specific drugs or drug-related issues. Good charts and graphs.

Regional Reports available from local UNOCD offices. Click on site offices and follow for country specific reports.

The Drug Nexus in Africa (pdf downloadable) provides a good narrative of illicit drug activity in Africa. Of note are charts that compare costs of drugs in relation to bus fare or beer (see pp 57-58). Charts on specific drug seizures, too, but none on trafficking. However, the narrative which explains a bit about port areas of trafficking.

UNCJIN has list of links to collections and databases of crime stats.

INTERPOL has the International Crime Statistics, a publication of crime indicators for many countries. In these indicators is a category on drug offenses.

Online series/story of drug world with chart from the CIA entitled “Major Narco Trafficking Routes and Crop Areas”:


US DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration). Intelligence Reports from DEA are in-depth narrative reports. They explain trafficking routes, but there are no graphs or charts.

Some charts on specific “operations” can be found on the DEA website
Ex: Operation Green Air (see chart below):

Other “operations” include Operations Impunity and Millennium (cocaine trade via Columbia and Mexico) and Operation Mountain Express (methamphetamine trafficking)