Last Updated February 8, 2005


  • Cease-fire agreed to by Israel and Palestine. CNN, Feb 8.
  • G7 Countries consider total debt relief for selected countries. CNN, Feb 6. US role in the agreement appears unlikely. Reuters, Feb 4.
  • Aid and the rebuilding in South-East Asia. Economist, Feb 3. Disagreements continue over how to institute new warning system among the states. CNN, Jan 29.
  • Chinese and Taiwanese relations improve. Economist, Feb 3.
  • EU's emphasis on economic growth. Economist, Feb 3. Interests rates stay frozen for the Euro. BBC news, Feb 3.
  • Arab countries respond to Iraq elections. Economist, Feb 3
  • Diplomacy among US, Europe and Iran. Economist, Jan 27.
  • Defense in Europe and links with China. Economist, Feb 3.
  • Europe's role in textile trade declining. Economist, Jan 27.
  • India challenges for fair trade reules. BBC News, Feb 4.
  • Weapons agreements change for UK and Ireland. CNN, Feb 2.
  • World leaders condemn Nepal's move to dismiss state governemnt. CNN, Feb 1.
  • African leaders call for greater access to world markets. CNN, Feb 4.
  • Protestors shut down Nigerian oil companies. CNN, Jan 28.


  • Brazil's export business of soccer players. Economist, Jan 20.
  • Wealthy lending nations agree to debt freeze for Tsunami nations. Reuters,
    Jan 12. On rebuilding after the tsunami in Asia. Economist, Jan 6.
  • Tourism hopes after the tsunami. Economist, Jan 6.
  • EU and desire to increase trade with China. Economist, Jan 13. EU to lift arms ban on China. BBC news, Jan 12.
  • Increased trade between China and Latin America. Economist, Dec 29.
  • China increases in activity in trading with Gulf countries. International Herald Tribune, Jan 14.
  • China to increase business connections with Taiwan. Reuters, Jan 11.
  • Futures tradings sees new leaders. Economist, Jan 13.
  • Bolivia cancels contracts with French as protestors call strikes. Reuters, Jan 11.
  • US continues with high technology trade deficit. International Herald Tribune, Jan 14.
  • Argentina makes deal with debtholders. Reuters, Jan 13.
  • American car owners face economic troubles. Economist, Jan 13.
  • IAEA plans on Iran nuclear inspections. Reuters, Jan 13.
  • Report finds loss of 1.5 million US jobs to China in last 15 years. Reuters, Jan 11.
  • Number of foreign students in British universities drop. Economist, Jan 13.
  • Migration across Mexican/US border increases organized crime. Economist, Jan 6.
  • War and peace in Africa. Economist, Jan 6.
  • Europe to launch super rocket. BBC news, Jan 13
  • US violation of rights has consequences for international law. BBC news, Jan 13.
  • Peace accords signed in Sudan after 20 plus years of civil war. CNN, Jan 9.