OECD has lists of migration statistics under its International Migration database. Click on statistics at the main site, and scroll down to International Migration to see the full tables available in the database. Purchase necessary to view some information. Numerous tables available. Also available through OECD is the publication: Trends in International Migration. Excellent charts on inflow to, employment-unemployment of, foreign populations, foreign-born, and education level in OECD countries.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services has a statistics page. See the tables on non-immigrants available in various downloadable formats.

UN International Migration Statistics. Puchase necessary.

International Organization for Migration. Under publications, a number of free downloads are available on-line.

European Council on Refugees and Exiles. Number of statistics available. Statistics on asylum numbers, immigration acceptances, unaccompanied minors, and quota refugees. Table on significant group arrivals has country to country flows.

International Migration Review (JSTOR - through purchase only, with the exception of last 4 years)

International Labour Organisation has the ILM (Int'l Labor Migration) database on labor migration. For country-to-country comparisons, select the feature "compare countries," which will show a small matrix.

Stalker’s Guide to International Migration has an Interactive Map of migration flows. Statistics are also available on inflows, outflows, net migration, stocks and remittances. Home page has ‘migration hotspots’ interactive map and statistics. No country-to-country flows.

UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency). Statistics available on-line.

European Migration Information Network links to data and to outside national statistical offices.