IIPI (Int’l Federation of the Phonographic Industry) - Through membership only. The following are annual reports:

  • 2001 The Recording Industry in Numbers (see hard copy) focuses on various countries worldwide (some area are lumped as regions, like Central America). Also has contacts for country’s phonographic industry.
  • IFPI Music Privacy Report June 2001
  • 2001 World Sales

IIPA (Int’l Intellectual Property Alliance) - for information on piracy. See the 2003 Special 301 Report. See Appendix A for stats of recorded music losses involving various countries. Online stats of piracy found on various countries under "Country Reports."

IRMA (Int’l Recording Media Association) - located in Princeton! Through membership only. IRMA has some very basic stats online under Industry Statistics, mainly CD/DVD and Video data.

IFPI. Some public data available on international music statistics.