• July 15 - INA releases 6 graphic maps, focusing on major world themes.
    For the INA, Jonathan Harris of Flaming Toast Productions produced 6 magazine-style graphic maps dealing with a wide array of major world issues, ranging from the serious to the seriously frivolous. You can see the infographics here.

  • July 15 - INA proposes experimental forms of non-geographic mapping.
    Shooting for its goal of developing a new system of mapping our world that does not depend on geography, the INA released 2 non-geographic interactive mapping systems. Jonathan Harris of Flaming Toast Productions produced these interactive maps, with research assistence from Elizabeth Kaijuka. You can see the interactive maps here.

  • June 30 - INA Director Miguel Centeno named head of new Princeton Institute.
    Princeton University launches the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) to conduct collaborative, interdisciplinary research and teaching on issues of global importance. INA Director and Latin American studies scholar Miguel Angel Centeno has been appointed the institute's first director. Official Princeton University Press release.

  • April 11 - Globalization conference at Princeton University.

  • February 28 - INA releases new website.