ECLAC - Excellent source for Latin American trade. Interregional data can be found in the Statistical Yearbooks.

LATIN AMERICA TRADE AND TRANSPORTATION STUDY (LATTS) - Under “Alliance Report” is some good data on trade from US Southern States to Latin America. Below is a copy of the web page indicating the available pdf reports (Sections B1 and B2 are linked because they have relevant data):

  • Section A - Introduction and Overview
  • Section B - International Trade & Economic Development Opportunities
  • Section B1 - Existing Trade Flows
  • Section B2 - Latin American Trade Forecasts
  • Section B3 - Tourism, Business, and Services Travel Section B4 - Economic Development Impact of Latin American Trade
  • Section B5 - International Trade Agreements and Barriers
  • Section B6 - Business Development Opportunities
  • Section C - Latts Strategic Transportation System
  • Section C1 - LATTS Strategic Port System
  • Section C2 - LATTS Strategic Airport System
  • Section C3 - LATTS Strategic Rail System
  • Section C4 - LATTS Strategic Highway Systems

Also available from LATTS are various state reports and a report on trade from the Southern Legislative Conference. PDF file

Central American Trade Statistics Systems. l Information on individual Latin American countries' or trade blocs’ exports and imports (in weight or in US$), and balance of trade within a bloc as well as external trade with other nation states and other blocs.

FTAA statistics on North, Central and South American countries' exports, imports, and balance of trade between themselves and with other world nations of specific goods or categories of goods. Years of data depends on the nation, but typically 1997- 2001. Click on the Trade and Tariff Database.

The Andean Community’s Trade Statistics both for within the community and for countries importing the most from the community. Specific figures for broadly defined commodity categories as well. 1999-2001

The Caribbean Community’s statistics on imports/exports/balance of trade within the community and with the U.S., Canada, E.U., Latin America, etc.. Broad categories of exports and imports and some graphs as well. 1980-1996.

Caricom’s trade in services 1998-2000. Click trade in Services.

The Organization for Eastern Caribbean States’ Trade and Economics’ Information Page. Click on Trade and Economic Statistics.

ALADI’S Latin American trade statistics by country and product. Click estadisticas.

Secretariat of Central American Economic Integration’s Central American trade statistics, in Spanish. Click estadisticas economicas. Various information available for specific countries in the region. Good data.

Mercosur’s statistics on trade within the bloc and within the Latin American Region, 1991-1998.