WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION. Publication: International Trade Statistics 2003 is downloadable for free. The appendix has excel charts with region-to-region flows. Tables A1 - A20 have information on trade by region, product, services, and partners.

OECD - The pdf publication OECD now offers International Trade in Services: Partner Country Data that has tables on regional trade with specific OECD countries. OECD country to rest of world data available.

UNCTAD has online Handbook of Statistics. Online database offers some region-to-region data on trade flows. Free registration online.

UN Statistical Division, an online database, has excellent country-to-country data going as far back as early 1960s. There are two online databases: the Common Database and the Comtrade database.

World Trade Analyzer. Commodity flows. Compiled by Statistics Canada. Through purchase only. Files from WTA can be downloaded to excel format.

World Bank - offers the World Development Indicators through purchase only. (Printed Example from WDI: 6.1 Integration with the Global Economy). An online version with limited access is available called Data Query. There is no country-to-country data in the trade goods indicators. Full access available from most universities.

US Bureau of Economic Development has some data on US to region transactions under U.S. International Transactions Accounts Data. See Tables 10 and 10a

US Census Bureau - has excellent trade statistics on trade highlights and product trade data, as well as state export data.

National Bureau of Economic Research has interesting macrohistory foreign trade data. These files cover US, Great Britain, France, and Germany roughly between 1890-1940.

World Markets Research Centre - This service is through purchase. Offers current narrative on economic issues for 185 countries. Their database mainly draws from IMF. Very little country-to-country data. There are some nice reports on globalization. Find link on website to “Globalization Index.”

International Monetary Fund (IMF) - Has online statistics on "country information" and very generalized info on import/export trade. No country-to-country data

ITC Trade Stats - U.S. International Trade Commission. Summary of US Trade statistics available.

International Trade Administration - See "Trade Statistics." Online interactive maps of trade stats from United States to world and regions. See file Commerce Dept Trade Stats.xls for listing of data on US trade balances by country, exports and imports to/from individual countries, and information by product sector. Many tables available.

Border Trade Institute (BTI) tracked US/Mexican trade and ports. See file U.S. & Mex.xls (taken from BTI website) for crossing data, tobacco and imports to Mexican states. See website for more specific trade on individual commodities.

ERS See the folder USA, which has files of agricultural information from the ERS.
AT Kearney/Foreign Policy Magazine Globalization Index. See excel files on Income on worldwide income payments and receipts from 1995-2000; Trade for worldwide total trade from 1995-2000. (No country-to-country data); and Transfer for worldwide transfer payments and receipts from 1995-2000.

The International Trade Center’s very specific listing of commodities internationally traded between 1997-2001.