EUROPEAN AUDIOVISUAL OBSERVATORY - has online publications for 2002 and 2003 which look at World Film Market Trends, focusing on USA, Selected European Countries, Japan, Canada, Australia, Latin America, and Russia. Plus World Top 20 Box Office

EAO hard copy of Statistical Yearbook 2000 Film, Television and New Media in Europe focuses mainly on Europe, but it also has interesting charts on world distributions and production (with US film industry quite dominant).

UNESCO Under Statistics , click on Culture and Communication, then the Statistical Yearbook 1999. links on culture. Last three tables. Less detailed data of film imports is the online data from the UNESCO World Culture Report.

EUROSTAT has a publication available through purchase called: Statistics on Audiovisual Services Example of contents include information on Audiovisual services, cable and television markets, sound recording, radio, and video games.

BSA (Business Software Alliance). Software Piracy losses found on the online pdf publication BSA Global Piracy Study.

IIPA (Int’l Intellectual Property Alliance) has the Special 301 Report (See Appendix A), which lists losses in motion pictures, books, and software. Also, country reports on various countries

VARIETY MAGAZINE. Through purchase only, but Variety occasionally offers free trial subscriptions. Look for "Box Office Stats," which should list foreign archives focus on 16 countries. Data is best on recent years and gets very spotty for anything previous the mid-90s. These charts demonstrate best the overwhelming dominance of Hollywood films in the global picture. See printout of "Foreign Box Office—Argentina"

IRMA (Int'l Recording Media Association) Membership only, but it has very basic stats on VHS and CD-DVD World Market things. See Industry Statistics.