Friends of Davis International Center

A Place for Us All

  • Host Family Brunch
    Host families in the Princeton area will
    entertain international students and introduce
    them to cultural events in America.
    Several times each year, the Host familioes and
    their students will get together at the University
    to meet and share experiences.
  • Group Conversation
    Students meet twice each week at the University.
    We divide into small groups, each with a volunteer
    tutor who is a native speaker. He/she will help you
    with pronunciation, vocabulary and idioms in
    a friendly and relaxed situation where you don’t
    need to worry about making mistakes.
  • Walking Tours of Princeton
    The program includes walking tours of Princeton
    and within the University. Several volunteer tutors
    accompany the tours, with special assigned docents and guides arranged when needed.

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The Friends of Davis International Center of Princeton University are volunteers who support the International Center to enhance intercultural understanding.

FDIC volunteers offer the gift of friendship and language to international students, visiting scholars, and their families by providing opportunities to practice English conversation skills and to learn about American culture in a warm and supportive atmosphere.


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