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Excellence in Teaching Award

Between 2000 and 2012, Friends of Davis International Center presented an award to an international graduate student who has demonstrated excellence in teaching undergraduates at Princeton University. The Excellence in Teaching Award carried a stipend of $1000. The award was presented at the reception for the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni’s Tribute to Teaching.

Bhadrinarayana Lalgudi Visweswaran is 2012 Excellence Award Winner

Joshua J. Vandiver (middle left), received an award in Politics, and Bhadrinarayana Lalgudi Visweswaran (middle right,) received an award in Electrical Engineering from the FDIC.  Mr. Vandiver's mentor, Jill Jachera, is at left and FDIC Board member, Linda Sipprelle, is at right.

Visweswaran began his study at Princeton in 2009 after receiving his bachelor's degree in engineering the same year from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in India.  He received the award for being an assistant in instruction this semester for "System Design and Analysis," or "carlab," an intensive course centered around a semester-long project to design a computer-controlled vehicle. 

In nominating him, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Andrew Houck wrote that Visweswaran went "well above and beyond the call of duty" in providing the expertise and attention students need to succeed in the "notoriously difficult" course:  "He is in lab nearly every day, seven days a week, stopping by between his own experiments to check on students.  He excels at helping students work through problems in their cars, really taking the time to delve into each project even when he himself doesn't immediately know what's wrong."

Students  described  Visweswaran as an indispensible mentor. One student wrote, " Some of the times when we have really appreciated how much Bhadri does for the class is on the rare occasions when he is not there. "Another commented, "There was a week when Bhadri was away on a trip, and life for us was just a bit more difficult." Visweswaran expects to receive his Ph.D. in 2014.