Friends of Davis International Center

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Host Program

Coordinator: Hanna Hand

What does the program offer?

Area residents welcome international graduate students, visiting scholars and their families to their homes for an occasional dinner or a social gathering. By participating in the program, international students/scholars learn about American customs and traditions.  It also gives the host the opportunity to learn about world cultures and often share lifelong friendships with their guests.

Sushi Party Thanksgiving
Sushi Party Thanksgiving at the Jacobsons


How does the program work?

Students/scholars are invited to holiday gatherings and informal events, potluck dinners and picnics.  Some hosts plan outings, such as visits to concerts, museums or movies.  Students/scholars enjoy the opportunity to explore life in America.
The Host Program continues throughout the year, and host and visitors are encouraged to keep in touch at least once a month.
The Program also sponsors several group gatherings for the host and their students/scholars, like a Fall Reception, Mid-Winter Dinners and a Brunch.

International graduate students and scholars can register at any point throughout the year to join the Host Program.  Contact Hanna Hand E-mail or call 609-258-1170