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Individual English Conversation Program

Coordinator: Carl Clough

What does the program offer?

This Program offers one-on-one assistance with conversational English, as well as friendship, help, and encouragement in assimilating into life in Princeton and the U.S.A


Tutors and their partners visiting nearby cities

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How does the program work?

Visiting scholars and foreign graduate students who wish to improve their conversational English skills register in the Program by visiting or emailing Hanna Hand at Davis International Center. This can be done at any time during the academic year.
Registrations are sent to the volunteer Program Coordinator who matches each individual with a local volunteer tutor with the aim of meeting for at least an hour each week for an academic year.
The times and locations for the weekly meetings are determined to meet the schedules of the partners. Each session provides the opportunity to speak English in a comfortable and informal setting. Subject matter is free form; daily life, current news, and cultural differences are often discussed. Magazines and newspapers are frequently used for subject matter. In addition, as friendships develop, the tutor may help with personal issues facing the partner such as transportation for off-campus needs or sightseeing. Meeting can be held on-campus, at restaurants or other public places.
To register- call Hanna Hand at 609-258-1170 or visit DIC.  Registration is required.