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Individual English Conversation Program

Coordinator: Carl Clough

What does the program offer?

Encouragement and friendship are the key components of the Individual Conversation Program.


The Individual Group Luncheon. Speaker- Professor Joshua Katz, Princeton U Classics Dept.

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How does the program work?

An international graduate student or visiting scholar meets with a volunteer tutor for at least one hour per week, at a time and location to be mutually determined.

International graduate students and visiting scholars are welcome to register for the program at any time throughout the year. To register, email Hanna Hand.

Each session provides the student with an opportunity to speak English in a comfortable and informal setting, often using magazines, newspapers, or   photographs to talk about daily life, world events or cultural differences. In addition to assistance with spoken English, tutors often offer to help their conversation partners in whatever ways they can to ease their transition into life in Princeton. Tutors and students usually meet on campus, but meetings at times may also take place in homes, restaurants, and other public places.

To signup---call Hanna Hand at (609) 258-1170 or visit the DIC and fill out a registration card.

Interested in tutoring? E-mail Hanna Hand or call her at (609) 258-1170. Be sure to also click on Volunteering for additional information.