Friends of Davis International Center

A Place for Us All


Friends of Davis International Center are looking for new volunteers. No experience necessary—just bring your warmth and enthusiasm.

If this 'pretend' advertisement appeals to you, then consider becoming a Friends volunteer. You’ll make new friends while learning about different cultures from international graduate students, visiting fellows and their spouses who have come to Princeton University from over 35 countries.

Learn about the programs

Click on the titles below for details about each of the three programs that need volunteers.

Individual English Program

Group English Conversation Program

Host Program

When can I become a volunteer?

We invite new volunteers to join the Friends at any time during the academic year. Arrangements can be made for daytime, evening or weekend volunteering, depending on which program you select. Our only requirement is that, if you wish to become a tutor in one of the English conversation programs, you need to speak English fluently.

What would I do as a volunteer?

To answer that question, you need to decide which one of the Friends programs appeals to you. (Note: Some volunteers participate in more than one program.)

As an individual conversation tutor, you and your student would choose the time, place, and topic for a one-hour weekly session.

As a tutor in group conversation, you would participate either once or twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at New Graduate College Common Room, on the Princeton University campus.

As a host, you would invite international guests to your home and to various activities, all at your mutual convenience.

How else can I help the Friends?

Participate in the Friends as a committee member or let us know you are interested in joining the Board of Trustees. Throughout the year, various committees and activities require the assistance of volunteers. Come join us in the operation of our organization and make new “Friends.”
Interested in volunteering? E-mail Hanna Hand or call her at (609) 258-1170.