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Walking Tours of Princeton

Coordinators: Anne Bolick, Marilyn Gerstein, Ilse Lazovick, and Helene Schwartz

Volunteer tutors in the Group English Conversation Program, have initiated a series of Walking Tours of Princeton for students who participate in the Group English Conversation Program. The purpose of the tours is to better acquaint international students with the Princeton community. It also provides an opportunity to practice listening and speaking skills.

The tours take place during one of the regular group conversation sessions and are free for the students. Several volunteer tutors accompany the tours, with special assigned docents and guides arranged when needed. In addition to the tours described below, other tours will take place during the spring session, particularly as the weather gets warmer.

Our Tours

  • In October our first tour encompassed visiting several prominent buildings and sites on campus, followed by a walk through the town of Princeton. This trip was to help acquaint newcomers to the area with the University as well as the community.
  • In November there was a visit to Princeton Borough Hall and the Police Station. The group heard about local government while sitting in the courtroom. Then concerns about taxes, housing, licenses, etc. were addressed. Afterwards the rest of the station was visited, the highlight being the jail cells.
  • The December Conversation Group tour was a trip to the national historic landmark Morven, built in the 1750’s, and originally the residence of NJ governors. It is now a museum and garden. The group enjoyed the freedom to move at their own pace to view the architecture, paintings, historical displays and the many elaborately decorated Christmas trees.
  • In February the Princeton Art Museum, on campus, will be visited. The works of art range from ancient to contemporary. Docents will lead the group through various galleries to explain the paintings, sculpture and artifacts.

Plans for a spring tour are still under discussion and will be finalized soon.