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Independent Student Guide!

The Independent Student Guide is Princeton's online resource for independent upperclassmen. Each year, approximately 350 students elect to go independent rather than joining an eating club or staying in a residential college. While an exciting option, independent means that you will have to fend for yourself on the food front. These pages have been designed to help you through that process. Whether you're looking for the bus route to Whole Foods or quick, healthy recipe ideas, the Independent Student Guide is your number one reference. Enjoy!

Brought to you by the USG and ODUS, with special thanks to Devon Wessman-Smerdon, Kate Huddleston '11, Elizabeth Borges '11, Tiffany Yeh '10, and Jane Yang '11.

Email odus@princeton.edu if you have any questions about independent life or if you would like to submit new independent perspectives.

For information on eating clubs, click here.