Brown Co-op

The Brown Co-op is a 26 member dining cooperative for upperclass students at Princeton University. Students pool their resources to buy food, cook once a week in small teams and have evening meals together. For more information, check out the website of the Brown Co-op.

2 Dickinson Street Co-op

2 Dickinson Street (2D) is an organized independent dining option open to all. Members pay just $500 per semester, and cook dinner once a week with other members (no cooking experience necessary). Members can come any time of the day or night to use the co-op kitchen and enjoy leftovers, fruit, cheese, yogurt, milk, and juice from the co-op fridges and freezers or cereal, fresh bread, and sandwich fillings such as hummus, jam, and almond butter from the well-stocked pantry. Fresh-cooked dinner is served every evening. Recent meals have included mushroom risotto, fondue, vegetable sushi, avacado salad, cookies, curries, Dal, stir-fries, and much more. The kitchen is 100% vegetarian, though not everyone in 2D is vegetarian, and vegan options are available at every meal. Guests interested in the co-op are welcome to visit for dinner any day at 6:30pm. Make sure to check out 2D's website.

International Food Co-op

The International Food Co-op (IFC) began in 2009 as in alternative eating option for those interested in enjoying creative international cuisine. As its name suggests, this co-op will feature food from all parts of the world, cooked and enjoyed by its members in a friendly and familial atmosphere.

Members cook once a week with three other members, and so those who join will learn to cook cuisines from many different countries, and in the company of other food aficionados. In addition, the IFCwill have traditions and events that celebrate the holidays of cultures across the globe.

IFC members may draw into and live in any building on campus, including Spelman. (For Spelman, members must draw as upperclassmen and not independent.) The IFC is located in Entryway 4 of Laughlin.

Membership is only $800 a semester. For more information, email the IFC at at

Center for Jewish Life

The Center for Jewish Life/Hillel at Princeton University is the central source for all things Jewish at Princeton. The Center for Jewish Life (or CJL) believes in creating a community where all students, faculty, staff and even the larger community can come together to take part in the rich tapestry of Jewish Life at Princeton. The CJL is committed to creating a community that is welcoming of all people; Jews and non-Jews, religious and secular, men and women. More information is available at the CJL's website.

Independent Student Union

The ISU has been revived! If you would like to become involved in the Independent Student Union please contact one of the co-presidents, Nizette Edwards or Bao-Viet Nguyen.