5/14   Ilana receives a 2014 McKnight Scholar Award.
3/14   Welcome to our new postdocs, Malu and Junuk.
2/14   Belated welcome to our new undergrads, Elvia, Jennifer, Josh, Michelle and Erica.
6/13   Ilana receives a Pew Research Scholarship in the Biomedical Sciences.
6/13   Nathan joins the lab.
3/13   Joel and Nathan are both awarded NSF graduate research fellowships. Congratulations!!
3/13   Welcome to Nathan, our spring rotation student!
2/13   Ilana receives the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship.
1/13   Welcome to our winter rotation student, Ashley!
12/12 Joost joins the lab. Welcome!
10/12 Deepti joins the lab as our lab manager. Welcome!
9/12   Ilana receives the NIH New Innovator Award.
9/12   Kajsa joins the lab -- welcome to our first postdoc!
8/12   Joel and Hessam join the lab as our first graduate students. Welcome!
6/12   Ilana arrives at Princeton.